What would you expect for a first driving lesson?

2019-09-16 10:48 #0 by: Leia


This morning I had my first driving lesson! I had zero experience with cars and grew up with a single mother who also never drove, it’s safe to say I had no idea what I was doing sitting in that drivers seat!

I think I had a particularly wonderful first driving lesson, it exceeded all my expectations and really gave me the confidence boost I needed! My driver instructor was wonderful and I’ll 100% be paying for some block bookings with him.

But before I discuss my experience, I would love to see what other people would have expected to do/learn on their first lesson?

All the best, Leia

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2019-09-16 12:30 #1 by: Niklas

First lesson, that would be mostly about adjusting everything to your body size and driving slowly on a parking lot, getting to know the first gears.

What car did you drive?

2019-09-16 15:05 #2 by: jordan

I haven't had a 'proper' lesson, but I did a driving experience when I was 16 in a controlled environment. Funnily enough it was a very big parking lot that surrounded a football stadium Laughing out loud

During that I did do what #1 described, learned about whereabouts you want to sit that allows you to best see the mirrors, and what is around your car from your seat. After that it was all about finding the biting point of the clutch, and how not to be so heavy footed (for me that was a big problem)

2019-09-20 17:18 #3 by: Leia

#1 I drove a Seat Ibiza, not sure which year/model, I’ll ask during my next lesson.

Well I did all that you both described after being drove to a 2 mile long road with a few bends and turns. I then learnt to reverse out of a bay before turning out of a junction and spending the next hour on the main roads!

I got up to speeds of 60mph, conquered several roundabouts, drove over speed bumps and managed to get myself home all without stalling!

My instructor could tell I was nervous but instead of playing on that to get more lessons and money from he really pushed me to feel like I could do it!

All the best, Leia

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2019-09-23 11:03 #4 by: Niklas

A good instructor makes all the difference.


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