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2020-06-22, 09:29

Take Back the Streets From the Automobile

Take Back the Streets From the Automobile

With people hunkered down at home, cities should act quickly to find a better balance between cars and pedestrians and cyclists.

By Justin Gillis and Heather Thompson

Source: New York Times - Opinion 

"Today, the coronavirus pandemic, in all its horror, opens the prospect of sweeping urban change. Cities suddenly see the possibility of correcting their greatest mistake of the 20th century, the surrender of too much public space to the automobile.

Cities need to seize this moment and move at lightning speed. We need to find a better balance between the cars on our streets and the bicyclists and pedestrians who have, for decades, been neglected and pushed to the margins."

"Cities need to follow the lead of London, Singapore and more recently New York in enacting stiff congestion charges that discourage unnecessary driving, with the money plowed into mass transit, as well as more protected lanes for walking and cycling.

Cities need to be designed for the well-being and health of people, not for cars. We don’t have time to wait. Now is the moment for cities to imagine that future and start willing it into being."

2020-06-30, 13:51

I think converting car lanes to walking space is a better way than congestion charges. It is interesting that things that were unthinkable six months ago, now has been “tested” and suddenly is seen as a possibility by more people. Stockholm would do well as a bike and pedestrian city only.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-06-30, 14:44

I agree! The impossible is turning out to be very practical. 🙂

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