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2019-09-07, 00:05

Perhaps Ben Shapiro Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Funnily enough my first exposure to Ben Shapiro was through a meme, and to be honest, I'm happy that was the case!

If you're from the UK, you probably haven't heard of him, as his audience predominantly resides in the United States. He did however appear on the BBC, in a disastrous interview with right wing commentator Andrew Neil, who was promptly told by Ben that he was a 'lefty' before storming out!

From that initial meme was where I discovered this one hour analysis of Ben by 'Some More News' who not only raises a number of important points about his personality and how he presents his 'facts', but also his role on wider political discourse as someone who has a large following.

He concludes that while in most cases at a base level what he states can be true, his representation of fact in arguments sets a dangerous precedent as it brings the opportunity of being misled just because he states it as if it is a 'fact'.

Have you heard of Ben Shapiro before? What is your opinion on him?

2019-09-09, 18:07

I've never heard of Ben Shapiro, I would have to do more research on him in order to form an opinion, basing it on one video wouldn't be fair.  But if he's pro Brexit i doubt it would be a positive one Thinking

All the best, Leia

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